SharePoint Keyword and Property Search in SharePoint Server

on Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Powerful Keyword and Property Search in SharePoint Server

MSDN has the best resources for understanding the keyword sytax and property searches.  You'll notice a lot of these are common across search platforms making it easy to adopt by end users.  Property search is extremly powerful for filtering down your results and worth your time to learn. 

If I'm searching for more data about content types using a keyword simple term, a great way to associate a template, workflow and meta data capture, I might search for content types.  Words following the ">" are example searches.

>content types

If that doesn't return the result I'm looking for I could add an keyword included term with a plus such as +sharepoint. Maybe I want to exclude exchange terms, so I can use an excluded term.

>+sharepoint content types -exchange

To narrow down my search I could add a property such as title:"content types."  Property searches support quote phrases:

>+sharepoint title:"content types"

If I know that William Devo authored the document I could do a property search based on author for example: 

>+sharepoint +title:"content types" author:"william devo"

If I know that the document should be on the office portal, I could search

>+sharepoint title:"content types" author:"william devo" site:http://office

Note: (no trailing slash on URLs.) The prefix property similar to a wild card search search described below applies to property searches where I can search for properties where I want to include multiple spellings. Maybe I don't know if he was Will or William.

>+sharepoint title:"content types" author:will site:http://office

I may want to do another property search to restrict it even more since I know I only want word docs.

>+sharepoint title:content types" author:will site:http://office filetype:doc

How do you do an OR? Simply include multiple property filters maybe it's bill or will/william.

>+sharepoint title:content types" author:will author:bill site:http://office filetype:doc

If all this seems like a lot to do on the simple search query box, you can use advanced search.  Using this same last example I could use the following:

Find Documents with:

content types


Result type: Word documents

Property Restrictions

Where the property... Author Contains Will or

Author Contains Bill and

URL Contains http://office