Display List Data From one site to another site

on Friday, March 5, 2010

A pretty common request is the ability to display content from one site on another site.  For example, you might have a blog sub site, and want to show those posts on the home page of the parent site.

In WSS V3, this is easy to do with SharePoint Designer.

First, we'll open the site and page we where we want to display the list in SharePoint Designer.  One way to do this is to open SharePoint Designer and choose "Open Site..." from the File menu.  Another way is to browse to the page and then click the "Edit with Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer" option in Internet Explorer:

Inside SharePoint Designer, in the design view of the page, click where you want the list to go, and then select "Insert Data View" from the Data View menu:

In the Data Source Library Task Pane, select "Connect to another library...", since we want to display a list that is not in this site: 

Click Add, then choose a display name, and type in the URL to the site where the list is:

Click OK in both dialogs, and then expand the new Library until you find the list you want:

Next, click on the list and select "Show Data":

Now the task pane shows the columns from the list:

You can now insert the items by selecting "Multiple Item View" from the insert menu:

Let's start by changing the layout:

The Repeating Form layout is close to the blog layout:

Text fields are HTML encoded by default.  To fix this, click on the arrow near the body field, and change the Format as: to Rich Text:

 You can now remove column headers and edit any styles that you like:

To make a field into a link, set the format to be Hyperlink.  In the popup box, you can set the URL, and you can include values from the item by clicking the "fx" button:

When you're done, save the page, and view it in the browser: