How to create and Manage UDC files

on Thursday, October 22, 2009

Today I am going to cover about How to Create and Manage UDC(Universal Data Connection) files which are very important in real world infopath applications using external connections. I have looked lot of places but no single article gives you all the details that are required about How to create and manage UDC files.
Note: We will use DCL for Data Connection Library.

To create UDC file you need to follow the steps.

1. Create a Data Connection Library in your sharepoint site.Let's say the url of DCL is http://servername:123/DLClib1
2. Create a Data Connection the normal way in infopath first.
3. Then Click on convert button 

4. It will ask you to give the URL of your DCL. Type the URL of your DCL and name of udcx file like http://servername:123/DLClib1/birthdays.udcx
5.You are still not done. If you check your DCL now it will have one record which will be checked out and you won't be able to check it in and then approve it. So you need to download this file from DCL on your machine and then upload it again into DCL and then approve it.
6. Once you are done with this, If you want to manage the udcx file from central admin then you need to upload the same udcx file in central administration and then in dataconnection you have to chagne to pick up the udcx settings from central admin.